About Us

Hello and welcome!

Bagaholic Studio was born out of my love for handmade goods. In my shop is where you will find quality, practical and modern handmade leather bags.

I've been loving fashion design and runway shows since I was a little girl. I always get so mesmerized and dazzled by sleek-looking models cat walking the runway in fancy clothes and accessories that I’ve never seen before.

Some of my collections are inspired by the runway because they are just so bold, elegant and fun at the same time. I then add my own spin to them, so they are suitable for busy working ladies like you and me.

For example, you will find that I use magnetic closures more often than complex twist locks because that is just too difficult to open with one hand. You will find a lot of my bags have adjustable and removable straps for those of us who like to have options. I also tend to use materials that are of higher quality and durability such as calfskin leather because it lasts longer and more scratch-resistant.

Once the bags are made, here comes my next favorite thing about running my shop - sending packages out to you guys. All my bags come with gift-wrappings. When I am putting that extra bit of effort into tying that perfect bow, I can picture in my head how you guys will be unwrapping it. That just makes me feel so grateful and connected to my customers, that I get to make something that will become part of their everyday life whether it’s for school, work, or gift to a special person.

As a passionate makie, I’ve taken my crafts to craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and local consignment stores for years. It grew from a cozy little home on Etsy to my own site, where I can freely and truly express my creativity through my craft with more control.

I have a small studio full of tools, different textured leather rolls, and it makes my maker soul very happy :) Although it makes me less happy :( when I knock over a box of sewing needles or step on a stitch groover…. but I can deal with that every now and then ;)

Thank you so much for reading this far and I will see you in my shop.


Bagaholic Studio