Trendy Bags in 2020

Trendy Bags in 2020

Looking back to last year, we can recall some pretty interesting handbag moments. There were elephant shapes from Loewe, New materials introduced in the bag and accessory market such as acrylic and straw. Now that we’ve entered a brand new decade, what will be seeing in the spotlight, now?

Thankfully, 2020’s bags are already looking to be much tamer than those of the last century. Based on what we've seen on the flashy runways, so we far we dig what we saw. So, we're ready to expand our collection. Keep reading to find out which bag is the new 'It'.

Soft Pillow Bags

Follow the street style surrounding any Fashion Week, and there’s no doubt you’ll find a herd of attendees carrying the coveted Cassette bag. Libby Page, a senior fashion market editor at Net-A-Porter, confirms that soft volume will still be strong in 2020. “If you buy one bag this season, it should be a practical but fashion-forward soft bag—be it a tote, a pouch, or a day clutch bag,” she says. “This year, bags are going to be soft in shape and color.

trendy bag of 2020 bottega pillow bag

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Pouch Clutches

While top handle mini bags reigned supreme in 2019, this year is all about pouch-like clutches. In fact, Russo has dubbed it “the must-have item of 2020.” The look is spreading, so now we’re seeing them everywhere at all price points, shapes, and sizes.

leather pouch cloud clutch

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The Modern Hobo Bag

Beyond its modern makeover, we’re most excited about the pure convenience. While the new hobo comes in all sizes, the majority can carry way more than the minuscule satchels of last year “Worn on the shoulder, it can be roomy enough to hold all of your everyday essentials,” says Russo. Meaning, you can properly text your BFF and carry more than a Metrocard—a true fashion blessing.

leather modern hobo bag

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